Go-to Marketing Tactic

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, it’s safe to say that as new tactics become available, advertisers have even more ways to accomplish their goals. Among the more polarizing methods within the digital marketing arsenal is addressable geofencing. While addressable geofencing is associated with traditional geofencing, it’s a completely different animal in and of itself. The addition of the “addressable” functionality now allows for more precision thanks to the ability to locate and advertise to your audience.
Addressable geofencing makes it easy to:

  • Upload physical addresses to draw geofences around plat-line data to isolate a target area surrounding neighborhoods, individual homes or buildings, or areas of a community
  • Increase the precision of audience targeting by combining third-party data, such as census or tax information, to gain a better impression share than traditional geofencing
  • Customize marketing messages based on audience data
  • Track the effectiveness of advertising by matching addressable data with website or physical traffic

Continue reading to find more out about the benefits of addressable geofencing and why it’s a tactic to think about adding to your marketing strategy immediately.

It’s Plat-Line Specific

Traditionally speaking, when thinking about an “address” what comes to mind? Usually a building or property. It’s easy to simply look at that structure, but what you should be looking at is from one boundary to the other. One advantage of addressable geofencing is that it’s plat-line specific. Using public data like land tax records, a virtual barrier is often placed around the confines of a property, which suggests advertisers can now target the entire address rather than just a selected IP address or device at its location. The advantage of this is the probability of multiple IP addresses on one property, especially in a multi-family residence or office building. The likelihood that you will show up on more than one device at that address improves significantly through addressable geofencing.

It’s Scalable

Addressable geofencing elevates digital marketing to new heights with its sheer power of visibility. An advertiser can add up to one million addresses to their addressable geofencing campaign all at once. That’s a lot of doors that can open for you at one time. How else would you be able to reach an audience of that magnitude? And because lists are often customized to specific demographics like age, interests, income, postcode location, and more, you’ll focus your efforts on just the people that are going to be curious about the product or service you are offering.

It Can Improve the Success Rate of Other Digital Campaigns

For those advertisers running other addressable campaigns including OTT, direct mail, digital marketing tactics, addressable geofencing would make an excellent sidekick. For instance, many businesses already use email to advertise to their target audiences, meaning they’re likely to have a list that can be incorporated into the campaign. By targeting those individuals through addressable geofencing, you’ll reinforce the messages in your email pieces. Addressable geofencing will also enable conversion-zone-tracking through which you can effectively track the number of individuals who are exposed to at least one of your ads then visited your website or physical location, something that can’t be done through email alone.

Simply stated, addressable geofencing is revolutionizing the way advertisers reach their audience daily. Its abilities are groundbreaking for the industry and each advertiser should seriously consider adding it to their marketing strategies. The use of plat-line mapping, the potential to focus on as many as one million addresses directly, and augmenting and improving other digital campaigns certainly creates a strong argument for using addressable geofencing. And while what we shared only scratches the surface of the benefits offered through addressable geofencing, this tactic is worth incorporating into your current plan.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about whether addressable geofencing is right for you, we’d love to have a conversation. Contact us!