AI Learning in Marketing: Why the Human Touch is Still Essential

“They say I’m old-fashioned, and I live in the past, but sometimes I think that progress progresses too fast!” Dr. Seuss had the Lorax impart those words about environmentalism but as humanity races towards the singularity, don’t look it up unless you need more dread in your life, sometimes we need to stop and take a breath with technology. Lately AI Learning has become the hottest new trend in tech. With a few simple keystrokes entire books, college term papers, and Thank You’s to Grandma can now be written all with the help of computing. But what are these programs and what do they mean for our modern internet connected society?

Please do not assume we are luddites here. Innovation fuels the way the world works and has been since the first Cro-Magnon discovered fire. But in the race to find simple solutions we are losing the human touch. You’ve likely heard about Chat GPT and other AI learning and writing bots. With a simple command text your blogs and technical papers can be written in seconds with the help of a computer. But what is going on behind the scenes?

In short, Chat GPT is combing through available text across the internet, organizing data you asked it to find, and then structuring it into easily digestible words and phrases. Sounds great right? Well so does Cliff Notes to a high school senior. Sure, you’re getting what you need to pass the class, but when did the minimum effort feel validating? What the AI are missing though are the fine details that make your business stand apart. Why you are better than, and thus more desirable to consumers, than your competitors. Think of it like the framing on your house. The construction workers build the shell, but you and your family’s things make it a home.

That’s where we come in. Marketers can use these tools to build out an idea of what you need to attract your customers, but the real hook comes from the extra effort. Our business is knowing why you have earned your customers loyalty and business. Chat GPT is not going to know why your plumbing business is better than the guy down the street. Your marketing rep does though. And with the right flourishes your blogs and web pages will drive Google results far ahead of any AI written cookie cutter post.

So embrace the change. Maybe not that Bing Bot that went crazy and started threatening people, but you get the idea. With our marketing team, and the right amount of technologies’, help your online business reach new heights!