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Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips

Digital Marking Specialist

Andrew Phillips was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lived there until his family moved to Holly Springs, NC, a small town just outside of Raleigh. During his childhood, Andrew spent his time playing soccer, drumming, skateboarding, and annoying his two older sisters. In 2018, Andrew graduated high school and moved to the coast with his parents, where he attended Brunswick Community College and discovered that he could make a career in social media marketing.
In May 2020, he decided to leave the service industry and began working in social media, managing a local car dealerships’ social media accounts, and creating content both behind and in front of the camera. After two years of working in the car industry, Andrew decided to make a change and joined the team at Eagle Eye Marketing. (He swears it has nothing to do with one of the owners being a die hard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.)
When Andrew is not working, he can be found on the beach for a sunrise surf session, at the gym, working on his car (ask him about it when you meet him, as he loves talking about it), or watching the Philadelphia Eagles. Go Birds!

When Asked to Describe Andrew:

“Andrew is someone you can trust/rely on and is committed to whatever it may be that he’s focused on” – Jaden McCane, Best friend of 17 years

“Andrew is forever ambitious and passionate about everything in his life, from work to his friendships and hobbies.” – Cecelia Schweighardt, good friend, and colleague

“Andrew is handsome, intelligent, caring, irreplaceable, quick-witted, loyal and genuine he is my perfect Italian son” – Tracy McCane, Essentially my second mom for the last 17 years