It’s time to BeReal.

How do you do, fellow kids? As Gen Z grows into their own economic force in the coming years it’s up to
advertisers to be ready to connect with their values and culture. While the old Gen X contempt of being
“advertised to” is still around, Gen Z is much more willing to engage with brands if the message is right.
First up, go where the fish are biting. Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even Instagram, to an extent, are for
The Olds. Gen Z has moved on to newer apps where parental oversight is less and foreign. Be Real,
Clubhouse, Snapchat, and probably several we’ve never even heard of, dominate the spaces Zers will
congregate. These apps are video driven so be prepared to film content. The old static display ad on a
website border is not going to cut it anymore.

The trick here is to not be overt. “Buy my Yoga Mat!” is not going to work. However, if you craft a story
around why YOU made this yoga mat for yourself and want to spread its virtues, now we’re getting
somewhere. “I was backpacking through Costa Rica and came across a beautiful waterfall where I had an
epiphany. Why can’t yoga mats be sustainable and not made with forever plastics?” Splash in a few
exotic photos and why your mat is economically friendly, and you’ll see engagement like never before.
Really let your inner J. Peterman flourish. Which brings us to our next point.

Be about something. Gen Z is more socially conscious than any other demographic since the Baby
Boomers in the 60s. Zers want companies they support to reflect their values. That said, make it uniquely you. This demo will quickly
sniff out duplicity and not only avoid your product, they will publicly rake you over the coals online.
Choose something that you believe in strongly and support that goal with your profits and messaging.
Don’t cheat or cut corners, you must be sincere. When your customers believe you have aligned
interests it will only strengthen that bond between you.

Embrace the mobile world of Gen Z and be authentic and they will back you. Their time is coming and
those who they feel connections with will be well positioned to succeed. Now get out there, set up your
folding table, and change their minds.