Questions for Your OTT Vendor

Eagle Eye Marketing for Your OTT/CTV campaignsConnected TV (CTV) is simply a television that connects to the internet (you’ve heard about all that cord cutting, yes?). OTT (“over-the-top”) refers to video content that is served over the closed television system.

With over 11,000 people cutting the cord daily, the popularity of OTT/CTV is growing by leaps and bounds.
Here are a few questions to ask your vendor to get an apples to apples comparison of your OTT proposal.

  • What percent of your videos are served on mobile? What percent are served on Connected TV?
  • What attribution tools do you have?
  • What kind of audience targeting/audience curation are you using?
  • What is your geographic targeting?
  • Are you targeting via IP addresses or GPS?
  • What does a sample report look like?
  • Can you match existing database lists?