Your customers are looking for that perfect gift or experience to share with a loved one. Why shouldn’t you be on the top of their mind when it comes to holiday cheer? So let’s get into the chestnuts and bolts of how to market your business to the legion of festive followers out there. With a few simple guidelines you’ll have the elf-confidence to end this year with a bang.

Like most things in life, timing is everything. Think about the first time you see holiday decorations up in a store in late September. Unless you’re a superfan, you’ll scoff at yourself and throw in an eyeroll. Well, your customers are the same way. Let’s give Spooky Season it’s moment in the, dimming, sun before trying to spread the holiday cheer. Once the kids are pumped full of candy and the giant yard skeletons are stowed away now we can begin rolling out our strategy to a primed public. Conversely, don’t wait until the season is in full swing. You need to be planting your treemendous offers in your customers’ minds before they even know they are ready to buy.

The holiday season does have its own sense of wonder and magic. Tap into those feelings of joy, nostalgia, and kinship for the emotional connection to your customer. Be sure to be sincere though. Nothing ruins a great conversion faster than naked consumerism. That’s why content is key. Wrap your messaging in the heartfelt truth of why you are offering it to others. Consider partnering with nonprofits near your passions and brand’s identity. Consumers who may not normally consider your offers may be swayed by like-minded goodwill.

According to Statista’s July 2022 research, over 81% of Americans use social media. This allows you to reach more potential conversions by using a few crafty tricks. Offer simple and easy in-app purchases. You want to make sure not to lose a sale by having a confusing or cloying interface. If a customer is ready to pay, get them there as soon as possible. Use hashtags to reach less targeted customers. Not too many now, per’s suggestion, 5 to 6 hashtags is the sweet spot. Enough to reach a few new customers but not so inundated with tags you look desperate. Be sure to encourage customers to visit your brick-and-mortar store as well. Physically interacting with an item spurs more interest in purchasing than almost anything else. In that regard, hire a few more sales staff for the season. Much like those looking to purchase quickly on an app, customers will want to be on their way when they are ready to buy.

Well reader, the snowball is in your court. Get yourself primed and ready for the holiday season with these tips and tricks and see how your sales grow. Be sure to audit and record your profits and experiences though. You can fine tune them year over year to make sure you have the hap, hap, happiest holiday sales experience since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny Kaye.