Score Big During the NFL Playoffs

The internet and social media have opened up a myriad of ways to reach your targeted customer. But sometimes you need the tried-and-true method of fishing where the fish are. Simply stated, where are the most people going to see my ad?  Based on the recent release* of the 2021 ratings numbers, the answer is clear, FOOTBALL.

Thirty-nine of the top-100 rated shows of 2021 were football games between professional or collegiate teams. It’s no surprise to anyone born in this country that the Super Bowl is annually the highest-rated sporting event of the year. But did you know eight of the top-10 programs were football games? Of the two non-football-related programs to make the list – The Equalizer – was a show airing immediately after the Super Bowl. We’ll call that one a draw. Only the CBS interview by Oprah Winfrey focusing on the Royal Drama between Prince Harry, his new bride Meghan, and his family could crack the stranglehold the NFL has on our viewing habits.

How does this help you? With our buying frequency and rate negotiations from the stations that sell these games, Eagle Eye Marketing can help you reach these viewers more often and for less. Our proven strategies get our clients an in-game audience for a fraction of the cost.  (It’s sheer brilliance!)

We fiercely negotiate for our clients year-round, not just in football season.

With the 2021 NFL Playoffs in full swing, now is the time to promote your business to the masses.  Or choose to target a particular demographic and we’ll help you reach those consumers as well.

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