Jen Reed
Digital Marketing SEO
Director of PR

O: 910.338.2130
M: 508.944.4884

Born and raised in a small city an hour south of Boston, Massachusetts, Jen was raised the child of a career journalist. Translated, that means she learned at a young age to question everything. The middle of three children, Jen also learned how to stand out, be heard, and compete. Those three elements have helped as she navigated a career that followed in the footsteps of her father, working as a journalist in television, radio, and print for nearly two decades, before moving to the dark side of PR and marketing management.

Jen worked for non-profit organizations and institutions of higher education handling all aspects of creative marketing, lead generation, and media relations. She has successfully pitched stories covered by the local and national media and worked with DIY Network to produce a documentary on a home built in Stella, NC for a Marine who lost his legs during the war in Afghanistan.

It wasn’t until more than five years ago Jen realized her inner geek and found her passion for digital marketing analysis and search engine optimization and she has been hooked ever since. A far cry from her dream job leading media relations for the New England Patriots, but she gets to question everything now…and gets paid to do it, so she’ll take it!

When Jen isn’t writing content or making necessary improvements to her clients’ websites, she is visiting with her sons Cameron and Colin, spending time at home with the luckiest man in the world Glenn and his son Nikolas along with their five cats Evie, Fellini, April, Herbie, and Zila-Rose.

When asked to share some thoughts about Jen:

Momma Jen-Dawg has easily been one of the biggest supporters throughout my life and I can easily say I wouldn’t be the man I am without her guidance and wisdom.” Cameron

She’s the only person I know who will correct my grammar…while speaking fluent sarcasm.” Colin

She’s my favorite sister and best friend…even if she thinks my cat is homely.” Kellie. (note: her cat IS homely)

Jen is the best partner in crime I have ever had; she is a great bonus parent to my son Nik; she will never turn down a good gin and tonic, and she is an outstanding cook…even though I’m better.” Glenn, the luckiest man in the world.