Kristine Smith

Business Development Director

O: 910.338.1364
M: 910.264.5119

Kristine Smith was born in Minnesota and provides fan diversity at Eagle Eye being a Vikings fan. Skol!  After graduating high school (and voted to have the highest bangs) she moved to New York where she attended college and graduated from Manhattanville University.  Her marketing career started at J. Walter Thompson in New York City where she worked in public relations for Hush Puppies Shoes and DeBeers Diamonds.

Kristine moved to North Carolina in 1997 and took an AE position with WSFL and has had a decorated and successful career in radio sales spanning 23 years. She is passionate about creative writing, which is why she is not boring you with details; but you get the point. She comes with experience, loves marketing, and has a proven track record of getting results for her clients.

Her philosophy is the strategic process should be enjoyable, hopefully fun, but ultimately increase your revenue and market share.

Kristine is the mother of four children and married to the best Chiropractor in Wilmington Dr. Ashly Smith. She loves spending time with her family, paddle boarding, working out, reading, and working with people.


Asked to describe Kristine, closest to her say:

She is generous and she cooks for me” – Peyton, 6 year old daughter

Best mom and cook ever” – JD, 16 year old son

She puts her all into everything she does and is the most kind and compassionate person I know except when she plays Mario Karts” – Madison, 18 year old daughter

She is the most dedicated person you will ever meet and tackles any challenge you throw at her with ease.  The only bad thing I could say about my mom is the memes she sends are hit or miss” – Skyler, 20 year old daughter

Kristine has a heart of gold and the best attitude in the world” – Dr. Ash