Maddie McGill

Director of Social Media

O: 910.338.1364

When Maddie “Mads” was in middle school in South Bend, Indiana she told her mom that she had decided that as an adult she wanted to live in Wilmington, North Carolina. As the country closed down in March of 2020 she packed her partner in crime, Eloise the Maltese, in her Jeep and drove from Indiana to North Carolina to make that dream happen.

Mads graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Journalism.  She brings to Eagle Eye Marketing clients a solid and extensive background from her work at the ABC affiliate WBND, Federated Media Group, and most recently Sunrise Broadcasting.   Her media experience combined with her self-proclaimed fangirl on-trend lifestyle makes her a force to be reckoned with on her clients’ behalf.

When Mads is not working on the latest social media campaign and promotional piece she is obsessing about two things:  live music and dogs. The love of her life is Eloise Rose.  A five-pound Faltese (aka a fake Maltese).  El is small but mighty.  They can be found together at the beach, hanging on the couch binging trash TV or patios downtown enjoying a glass of wine. Mads’ love for dogs doesn’t stop there.  She and El are on a quest to meet every dog in the Cape Fear area.

However, dogs aren’t Mads’ only love.  She is obsessed with music and has been known to fly across the country for a music festival or concert.  She has attended well over 100 concerts and has met many artists, including Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers.  As far as sports go, as a Chicagoland girl – she’ll claim the Chicago Blackhawks & Chicago Cubs.

When asked to describe Maddie:

Mads has nice clothes and nice hair and she has a little dog called Eloise and she takes me to cool places.” – Cameron, 7 year old nephew

Very loyal and dedicated to work, charcuterie boards, celebrity pop culture, FaceTimes that last hours, and trying to convince me to give her my goldendoodle, Addie (for the last time Mads, she’s not telling you she wants to be a beach dog). Not so dedicated to laundry, cooking, or being the best driver.” – Older sister/bff Kennedy

Maddie radiates warmth and kindness, and if you are having a crappy day, one minute with her will turn it around. She’s always up for an adventure, which could be traveling across the country, or a Target run. Her laugh is infectious, her wit and humor are unmatched, and her love and loyalty are unmatched. Once you’re in with Maddie, you’re in, and it’s the best place in the world!” – Shannon, best friend of 15 years