Rusty Prater

Director of Business Development

O: 910.338.1364

Have you ever been hit with a biting cold that you could feel in your bones? Rusty did one night in an Ohio gas station parking lot and decided right then and there that he was moving south. After 25 years of splitting time between Toledo and Columbus, he packed everything he owned into his four-cylinder heap and made the trek to Wilmington.

A graduate of the University of Toledo Business School, Rusty has spent the last decade keeping Wilmington Account Executives in line. With a keen eye for organization and structure, there is no billing jumble he cannot untangle.

While not being the grease between the Eagle Eye staff’s gears Rusty enjoys traveling and going on long hikes with his wife Jen, while avoiding being eaten by their Bengal jungle cat, Pixel. A loyal veteran of many terrible Detroit Lions and Tigers seasons he will always be looking forward to next year. Oh, and no, he did not play basketball.

“Don’t put in any stupid quotes about yourself”- Rusty’s Wife Jen

“Wait, your name is Rusty, like the Rusty Bucket? Are you the owner” – Jim Tressel

“I liked you better when you were addicted to Diet Coke” – a friend