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BZZZZZZ! That all-too-familiar sensation of another email coming to your inbox. If you are anything like a quarter of Americans, you are deleting that message without a second glance. A study done by Return Path Inc. shows a year-over-year increase in delete-before-reading rates with most categories ranging from 13 to 35 percent deletion percentages with zero customer engagement.

So how do you curb this trend and make sure your messages are reaching your customers?

It’s actually pretty simple. Get creative!

Let’s try an example. Which grabs your attention more? “25 percent off select items” or “Chic Chicos for cheap!?” Some people may say the former if the percentage is high enough. But you’ve got a bottom line to consider. The latter however grabs attention while getting the reader to the next step of your master emailing plan.

Keep it short and sweet. Nobody wants a wall of text explaining what you have on offer. That’s what you and your sales team’s sparkling personalities are for. This email is to casually, and quickly, go over the broad strokes of your message. Make your message bold and bright with top-notch ease of use. Throw in a few eye-catching images, splash your logo and staff photos around, and be sure that contact links are easily noticeable.

Now to close the loop. Your subject line got them curious enough to read your message. They were dazzled by your photos and offerings in the message. It’s time to set the hook with a call to action. Make it fun, but be direct. “Ready to up your game – click here”. “Call us to start your experience”. That conversion will be everything.

By now you have the fundamentals, but it never hurts to go a little deeper, right? Personalize those emails for an extra flourish. By including the customer’s name you rely upon an existing connection in their mind. One that will make them immediately feel more comfortable in reading your message. Finally, keep an eye on those results. There is a slew of different software options to monitor your results. Track which messages perform the best. Who likes what, when, and where. Why? To slowly fine-tune your email campaigns for maximum performance and sales results.

So, get digitally out there, Email Masters. Avoid the dreaded Delete button with these simple tricks and watch those conversions rise.