Our Team

Tyler Vitale

Website Developer / SEO Specialist

Tyler Vitale was born in Shirley, New York. Discovering his passion for coding and Development at the age of 8, he tought himself to code a basic website in HTML and CSS. Tyler spent his childhood working with computers, playing basketball, and taking care of exotic animals.

In 2017, Tyler graduated high school and went on to study information systems at Suffolk Community College. After completing his degree in information systems, he continued his schooling at Coastal Carolina University in information technology and Moved to Myrtle Beach in 2020. While at Coastal Carolina, Tyler was a founding father for the Coastal Carolina chapter of Alpha Chi Rho and started a car club called “Cars of Coastal”.

Tyler grew up always hating the cold weather of New York and always wanted to live somewhere warmer year-round. So, About a year after graduating Tyler and his cat Cleo decided to stay in the south and move to Wilmington, NC in 2023. When Tyler is not working, he can be found working on his car, at the gym, or working on his automotive part website.