Can You Migrate Your Wix Site to WordPress?

In A Word, Yes, But Not Without Some Effort. Read on…

Be it the wildebeests on the Serengeti, the humpback whales in the deep, or the swallows of Capistrano returning home each year, life is born to move. And Reader, so, too, does your website yearn to stretch its legs – figuratively speaking, that is.

We discussed in our last entry the differences, both positive and negative, between building your website with Wix or WordPress. Now, however, you and your business are ready to take the next step. You’ve conquered the limits of Wix and are ready financially to see what the features of Word Press can do for you.

For starters, do not be afraid, a staggering 43 percent of business websites use WordPress as their website builder. To get the ball rolling sign up with a WordPress account and make sure you have a domain lined up. Most marketing professionals in the field recommend Bluehost for hosting due to its ease of use with Word Press. If you wish to continue using the same address, you can, but that step comes at the end of constructing the site. Bluehost can also help with the setup if you go that route.

The next steps are where you can really sink your teeth into creating your personalized and optimized website. WordPress, not unlike Wix, has a ton of themes and layouts premade for the casual web builder. Be sure to make it fun and vibrant to stand out, but also easily navigable for your users. Nobody likes getting bogged down in clicking around a bunch of links trying to find what they need, no matter how visually appealing a site may be. Using RSS (really simple syndication) to pull your blogging history over is also a key feature of WordPress. Wix will not make it easy to do so but RSS can modify the files and help with the pains of importing. Finally, search around all the different plugins and tools WordPress offers to its users. You may find a feature they offer can radically change how you do business online or give your website that flourish it’s been needing.

A wise woman once said of website migration, “It’s like taking apart a house piece by piece, moving it to a different property, and putting it all back together.” But between you and I, Reader, maybe throw on some new shutters, spring for those marble countertops you’ve had your eye on, and put a majestic tree out front. Then, when you’ve completed your migration, and the new vista of online business opportunities unfurl before you, take a deep breath and admire the view.